Why Start a Club?

Build Your Resume

Starting a college GAA club can help you gain organizational and leadership skills that are highly sought after by employers. There is no better way to stand out among twenty job interview candidates than by telling the unique stories that the NCGAA experience brings.

“In starting the Stanford Hurling Club, we experienced the excitement of spreading the game across campus, and the thrill of being on a hurling pitch. The experience had everything a college student looks for in extracurriculars: competitiveness, athleticism, organization, and long-lasting friendships on and off the field. The NCGAA is there to support college clubs throughout the journey.”

Make More Friends

Gaelic games speak to the athlete in everyone. With this common interest you can create an entire community of people from diverse backgrounds, with you at the center.

Represent Your College

Representing your school on the sports field is a huge honor. To do so through the medium of hurling or
Gaelic football, in a club that you created, is a dream that few people are lucky enough to have lived.

Have an Unforgettable Time

Your college days are a pivotal period of your life, and the memories that you make will stay with you
until the day you die. The NCGAA experience will add an entire layer of awesomeness.

Do It!

Start today. Find out how to embark on the greatest adventure of your life so far.

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