As adopted, May 25th, 2014

1. Jurisdiction

(a)  The NCGAA is the only body responsible for organizing gaelic games between collegiate teams in the USA.

(b)  The NCGAA is final authority, there is no appeal to GAA authorities in Ireland or to any other GAA authorities in North America.

(c)  The GAA Official Guide is applicable in as far as the playing rules of the games.  North American Board and New York Board by-laws and regulations are not applicable.

2. Registration:

(a)  Players, mentors and administrators will all count as members and register through an online system provided by the NCGAA.

(b)  Players pay a $5 fee for registration, other members do not.

3. Annual elections and votes:

The NCGAA Board will organize an annual convention during the NCGAA National Tournament, if the tournament occurs in that year.  The NCGAA Board will inform affiliated clubs in reasonable time where and when the convention is to be held, and affiliated clubs may submit motions to modify NCGAA by-laws.

4. Regular meetings:

Meetings take place by conference call during the season, or using an online system preferably using video conferencing.  A simple majority of board officers present and voting secure a decision, the Chair gets the casting vote in the event of a tie.

5. Player eligibility:

(a)  Anyone is eligible to register as a mentor or administrator.

(b) Any student, enrolled on a physical campus in the United States or on a university approved study abroad program, or member of staff, employed at least 20 hours per week, at a college is eligible to register as a player for that college team, provided that the player is a member of staff, employed at least 20 hours per week, or a student, enrolled on a physical campus in the United States or on a university approved study abroad program, during the academic year of the collegiate championship, where the academic year is defined as beginning on September 1st and ending on August 31st.

(c) Any number of affiliates are eligible to play. An affiliate is defined as an unpaid volunteer who is officially recognized by the college and who was a member of the club before becoming an affiliate.

(d) A maximum of two alumni are eligible to play if a team needs them to make their playing numbers up to 8.  An alumnus is defined as someone who has graduated from the institution and was a member of the club.

(e)  Prospective players must be able to produce documentation at the request of an organizing committee proving their status as students, enrolled on a physical campus in the United States, or staff, employed at least 20 hours per week, at that college.  Documentation for students is defined as official student ID with an expiration date, or official student ID without an expiration date but with supporting documentation to prove eligibility.

(f)  Players must be registered prior to the first game in a tournament, where a tournament is multiple games in one day or on consecutive days.

(g) Players can be any gender identity.

(h)  Students from other colleges without a current club may play for a team in a competition provided that there are no school rules preventing this and that all participating clubs and organizing committee(s) agree.

(i)  Teams are limited to one player on the field at any one time that has played at Inter-County Senior, U21, and U18 level within the past 10 years.

(j) Regional units may request deviation from eligibility rules for regional competitions.

6. Championship format:

(a)  Regional governing bodies organize conferences in their own respective jurisdictions subject to these by-laws.

(b)  All teams in any conference are eligible to go through to the national final(s) to be played on an agreed weekend to be determined at the discretion of the NCGAA Board. All players are reminded at registration that they must be prepared to travel to the national finals and teams must travel to the national finals to be eligible for travel reimbursement, if travel reimbursement is available.

(c)  The Board of Directors reserves the right to change the championship format, including adding more games to the national finals weekend, in the event of unforseen circumstances such as, but not limited to, new teams coming into the competition during the course of the year.

(d)  The national championship location will be finalized for the academic year no later than September 30th.  Proposals to host the national championship must be submitted to the NCGAA Board by July 31st.

7. Location of national finals:

The location of the national finals will be decided by the NCGAA Board of Directors.  The locations must rotate between cities or metropolitan areas where collegiate teams exist or where facilities are available to host the event with all correct field equipment.

8. Conduct:

(a)  Players and mentors must behave in a respectful manner to any referees, officials, or other volunteers who help to run the games.

(b)  The captain of each team participating in a championship final must have a victory speech prepared that is appropriate for the dignity of the occasion.

(c)  All players must shake hands with all players on the opposing team after each game.

9. Prizes:

(a)  Players who win national final will be presented with medals, team will be presented with a perpetual cup.

(b)  Perpetual cups must be returned to respective regional governing bodies no later than May 1st.

(c)  Perpetual cups must be kept safe and in good condition by the winning team.  Cup holding teams are responsible for the replacement of any cup that is lost.

10. Tournaments:

Affiliated regional governing bodies may organize tournaments at their own descretion and determine their own rules and tournament formats.  NCGAA rules concerning the championship have no bearing on any such tournaments which are separate competitions from the championship.


Directives for 2017/18

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